15,000+ orders, 8000+ customers, 71 countries and a passion for sport

After shipping over 15000 orders of cycling apparel at Fun my Run, the call from those customers for running gear became overwhelming. 

The enquiries were not just from cyclists, but also triathletes, runners, or just the social athlete like me who was looking for quality, affordable running apparel shipped to their doorstep.

Thanks to us running our own factory in China it allows us to make over 300 styles of apparel shipped worldwide for free, we now bring that same quality to affordable running apparel here at Fun my Run.

We are now one of the very few companies who can make full-sublimation running apparel of any design (including those you ask for) at affordable prices with no minimum order size.

Every design you see here has been designed and manufactured by us and is not found in stores anywhere else.

Leveraging our success

Maybe you are looking to expand the wardrobe without breaking the bank? I hope so, because that is what Fun my Run is here for. 

Our range includes printed running shirts suitable for all marathons, jogs, or simply sports activities.

The success of our cycling arm meant we could leverage those lessons, mistakes and successes to bring the same efficiencies of production to running apparel. 

Been there done that, making the T-Shirt

With orders sent to over 71 countries worldwide, you know we have been around the block.

We offer a no-questions-asked returns policy, personable one-on-one service and a passion for letting our customers lead the direction of our range.

We offer free exchanges with local return addresses to USA and Australian customers (and try our best for other countries as well), and free shipping to over 200 countries.

There has been many copycats trying to imitate our model, while re-selling generic apparel over the past years. But we have things they do not.

We have built a tight relationship with our manufacturing team, sharing kids photos, joining in festival activities, and building not just our relationship, but both of our business' together.

It is the same relationship we want with our customers, which is why...

We take requests

Like a good wedding DJ, we encourage requests, in fact we rely on them. I don't know what you like, only you do.

This applies especially on our sublimated apparel range where we have complete flexibility of design and size.

Can't find it? Tell us, and we'll do our best to design and make it for you.

Have a running event coming up? A charity event? Maybe we can do more than just make your apparel for you? 

Cutting out the middle-man

We don't hide the fact our shipping is a little longer than hitting the local store (6-12 days generally). But we continue to work on it, and why fight the crowds when we can make up for it in other ways.

When you place an order, instead of you paying for us to hire retail space, warehousing and fulfilment teams, your order goes directly to our manufacturer for packing and dispatch to your door while you sleep.

No middleman, you are dealing directly with who is making your order.

This gives us complete flexibility in design, and let's us ship around the world at rates simply not possible with local postal services.

Happy shopping, and please stay safe.

Fun my Run team.